Basket | Large Midnight + Tobacco

155 Eur

Large Basket Tote Bag in Midnight + Tobacco

Designed in Italy, handmade in Guatemala

Tote Bag Collection
Bicolor Series
Colored bottom strip
100% plastic (polyethylene HDPE)
31 cm height, 40 cm width, 20 cm depth, handles 21 cm
Hand sewed leather brand tag
Cream bottom

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The Basket Large is a top-handle tote that can be also carried over the shoulder.
Consistently with Palorosa craft production, this bag is entirely handwoven in Guatemala, incorporating recycled plastic; this material makes the product light, minimalist and extremely durable.
The Basket Large is our iconic model, featured in the two-tone classic continuous weaving, enhancing every new color through its minimal design. The very first Basket collection initiated our research and gave birth to our brand, through the unique and contemporary study of color, which evokes Palorosa’s unique aesthetics.
The design of the bag is the expression of our master weavers’ exceptional ability – result of ancestral techniques handed down over time – and their attention to details. The flat cream-colored bottom has wider and regular weaving.
The large size of our Basket style is the quintessential summer bag. Its versatility, chic and elegant design, extreme durability makes of this washable bag the perfect accessory for shopping, travels, days at the countryside or at the beach.

Due to the nature of materials and handmade process, slight irregularities may occur. These make each Palorosa product unique and special.