Saturday shopping tips before the Design Week in Milan, April 2018 by Simona Airoldi - Vanity Fair (Credit content Vanity Fair Italia)

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Palorosa: one of the7 brands of handmade bags selected for the 2018, December 2017 - Vogue Mexico (Credit content

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Palorosa, Natural and Mineral from Guatemala, December 2015 - Cosebelle  (Credit content Cosebelle Magazine)

Whisper Editions collaboration with Palorosa, 2015 - - (Credit content Whisper Editions)

Whisper Editions 00
Whisper Editions 02
Whisper Editions 03



    'L'estate è meditativa' 100% Guatemala Handmade, Palorosa - Gioia Magazine, Italy - 24/2015

Article by Cristina Galliena Bohman for 'Talented Stories' blog -

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