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Random notes. Stories, colors, places, people.

My Barcelona, our itinerary.

    “I used to go to Poble Nou on weekends. On Saturdays, we would go down to the beach, in Bogatell, and then take the road that entered Poble Nou. The same road where we took these photos today. You would have a plate of patatas bravas and then take the...

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Palorosa’s friends: Lindsey and her Sicily

    Lindsey Mizock is an American flower designer and entrepreneur, with a passion for Italy. Lindsey is currently based in her hometown in Southern California, where she grows, sells, and arrange flowers from her own business since 2018. We decided to ask...

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Barcelona, todo cambia.

    The air belongs to the city, and also to the sea. The streets are empty, walking alone, towards what? Nobody knows, maybe a café, a square, a beach captured in its most beautiful hour, with long shadows and disheveled beach chairs, leaving footprints on...

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Palorosa: shadows dancing with light

    We recently had the pleasure to collaborate with Gaia Anselmi Tamburini, photographer and creative director based in Milano. We asked her to bring some of our latest objects and bags with her during a recent trip to Golfo Aranci, in the northern coast of...

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The magic realism of Stilema Studio

    Some encounters feel like they are just meant to be, like it was in the stars, or like a blurred old photo pulled out from a memory album. This is how Palorosa and Stilema Studio felt when they met. The making, shaping and evolution of the creative set...

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Palorosa’s friends: living in Lisa’s spaces

    Lisa Przystup recently entered the #PalorosaUniverse, by welcoming a new basket home. She is foremost an American writer, and surely a creative. She is the author of “Upstate: Living Spaces with Space to Live”, a lifestyle diary and imaginary, and not...

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In the making: Palorosa x Eres

  It’s 2020 when Cecilia Pirani and Marie-Paule Minchelli meet for the first time, where Palorosa’s natural graphic creations intertwine with the aesthetics of Eres. In autumn 2022, the two brands teamed up again and designed a new Limited Edition - Palorosa x...

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Notes on Trama

- The Trama design. How it was conceived, the inspiration behind it and its roots. "Everyone has a different perception of beauty”, says Alexander, alongside Cecilia in the study and development of the bags. And rightly so: behind every object there is a story, a...

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Palorosa autumn, colors and weavings.

A barren field that ultimately reveals its essence.  A misty fog rising on the horizon. A feeling suspended between summer that is so far away – yet so close! – and our zealous and prudent preparation for the coming winter. A desire – a need – to be warm, protected...

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A summer in Lerici.

The Italian Riviera is a conceptual space, that is both exemplary and tangible. It is a ray of light on the water, a Maritime pine on the shore, a bag casually placed on the rocks. It is imagination, nostalgia, magic. “The discreet evening light illuminates greenery...

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