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Palorosa’s friends: Sophie’s flowers and colors

Sophie Wolanski, creator and owner of the Sydney based shop and studio Muck Floral, is one of Palorosa’s “special friends”. Here’s her story, and her connection to Cecilia’s brand. When did you bump into Palorosa’s world?  I think it was late 2016. I had my floral...

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Mediterranean to (re)discover: Palorosa x Eres

The Palorosa bag, that was started in South America, is similar to the straw bag found in the south of France, which is the same as that found in the south of Italy, which is just like those  found in all southern parts of Europe.  It is the same world, the same...

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Palorosa: origin story

Palorosa is a color. Returning to Guatemala.Palorosa is a place, an encounter, a story of re-discovery and growth. It is the story of Cecilia Pirani, who did not run away from one place - Milan, her native city, but rather embraced another place - Guatemala, her...

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