Via Vigevano 15, Milan, April - September 2018

For the first time Palorosa opens a seasonal space in Milan, a shop and studio to discover constant but gently surprising references to Guatemalan nature, colors and atmospheres. The space tells an unexpected story through simple and sophisticated objects, rural and tropical elements of a delicate and feminine nature. 


Palorosa warmly receives its guests in an essential space: the elements are simple circles, a glass, a bamboo chair and lines, like long wooden shelves. The suspended vegetal installation integrates both tropical leaves and Italian herbs and flowers with the plastic threads of the bags. Color becomes material which is kindly interwoven into the Palorosa bags, made in Guatemala City, from primarily recycled plastic. The basic line of products accompanies you into your journeys and discoveries: you can go everywhere with a basket. 

The space is synthesis of two worlds: the tropical discovery of Guatemala, through the production of handmade products with a team of local artisans, is welcomed in the urban dimension of the studio in the heart of Milan.


Interior design project by Cecilia Pirani with the contribution of Laura Angeloni

Flower design by Irene Cuzzaniti

Content Editing by Carolina Truzzi

Photography by Marco Dapino